We request that you send us your document or documents to be translated in order to quote the corresponding translation and provide you with a delivery date. The quote will be based in 250-word pages.

Once the quote is received and approved, your project is assigned to a specialized translator who will begin working immediately.

Once the work is concluded, the translator sends the document to a reviewer to make sure of the quality, content and meaning of the translation.

If the translation you required does not need certification, it will be sent directly via email on the previously agreed date. If the translation is certified, the same will be delivered in our offices, or yours, as agreed, with the corresponding stamps and certifications according to applicable law.

In case you require an invoice, we issue invoices for professional services, adding Value Added Tax to the total amount quoted. 

Delivery times

Delivery times vary according to the complexity, format and volume of your documents.

Delivery date will be clearly established in the quote.

Additionally, we have a services for urgent translations. The corresponding quote will include an urgency surcharge, as well as delivery times, in the event you requested an urgent quote.

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