Luna Lucio Traducciones

We offer specialized translation services, certified or not, for all types of documents, from English to Spanish as well as Spanish to English.

We offer specialized translation services, both certified and without certification, in all types of documents, whether from Spanish to English, as well as from English to Spanish. Translations are made by experts in the English language, as well as translators certified by the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, who pay attention to the quality of the translation as well as keeping the meaning of the documents intact.

To achieve quality service, we have a team of translators with great experience, who meticulously check every document to guarantee the quality of the same.

Even though we are specialized in translation of legal documents, such as agreements, deeds, minutes, official documents, apostilles, powers of attorney and legal opinions, we also provide translation services for all types of personal, technical and corporate documents. We also translate blogs, letters, advertising, web pages, manuals and presentations.

All our translations are made under strict confidentiality and, if required, we may enter into confidentiality agreements regarding your information.

Certified Translations

Translations certified by expert translator of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, valid before notary publics and judicial authorities, as well as abroad.

Legal Translations

Translations made by lawyers with masters abroad, which may or may not be certified, depending on the requirements.

Commercial Translations

We are experts in all types of translations necesary for your business, including reports, insurance policies, manuals, brochures and many others.

Urgent Translations

We have an urgent translation service, with an extra cost, depending on the size and complexity of the file. Please state in your email the need for urgency.

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