Among the services we offer are the following. In case the service you require is not in this list, please contact us directly, it is very likely we are able to help you.

Legal Translation with or without certification

Legal translations are made by experts in legal matters and English, with at least one revisor of your translation having a Masters abroad, with knowledge, among others, in the following areas:

+Corporate Law

-Agreements, Trusts, Minutes of Shareholders or Board Meetings, Corporate Books Entries, Deeds, Legal Opinions, Memorandums, emails and any other corporate document you require.

+Civil, Commercial, Administrative, Tax and other Litigations 

-Rulings, resolutions, settlements, status reports, memorandums, timesheets, among others.

+Insurance Law

-Claim documents for insurance and reinsurance companies, control entities, insurance policies, endorsements, among others.

+Maritime Law

-Vessel documentation, specialized agreements, official documentation, insurance.

+Customs Law

-Imports, permits, regulations, customs

+Aeronautical Law
-Aircraft documentation, permits, official documentation, specialized agreements, insurance, registration

+Environmental Law

-Impact studies, agreements, specialized clauses, official writs

+Intellectual Property

-Trademarks, patents, class descriptions, technical studies, official resolutions, license agreements, franchise agreements, assignment agreements

+Family Law

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, divorce, custody or alimony rulings 

+Financial, Banking and Securities Law

-credit agreements, intermediary agreements, investor agreements, credit/debit card agreements, loan documentation, among others


-Rulings, documentation to be filed as evidence, among others.

+Labor Law

+Legal Opinions on any subject

Commercial Translation

Commercial translations are made by experts in the applicable matter and English, with knowledge, among others, in the following areas:


-translation of clauses, general and particular technical conditions, quotes, fees, product descriptions, slips, release forms, among others.



+Hotels and Tourism



+Web Pages

Technical Translation

Technical translations are made by experts in the applicable matter and English, with knowledge, among others, in the following areas:

+Medical Documents





+Medical Articles

+News Articles




A Professional Translation

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